About us

Though Bella Belarus resides in the USA, the only line of its activity is to promote and develop Belarusian fine arts. As a result there are certain essential directions to take and exciting challenges for us to meet that we want to share with you:

  • Providing our visitors with actual information on what is going on in Belarusian visual art life. The lack of information regarding Belarus in English is obvious. We cover all the events, ongoing projects, art shows, exhibitions, etc. in which Belarusian artists are involved. Bella Belarus thoroughly gathers all kind of historical data, facts and stories which might be interesting and useful to those who want to dig deeper and trace the development of Belarusian culture. We publish articles, studies, researches on relevant to Belarusian art history and current life topics.
  • Assisting Belarusian artists by being a mediator between them and art admirers all over the world. Bella Belarus website maintains up-to-date gallery of works of various Belarusian artists. These artworks can be purchased and delivered.
  • Consolidation of Belarusian artists and their creative forces under Bella Belarus website, which is the focal point for displaying their works, the main source of news exchange and the place where concrete offers can be found.

This consolidation also means that we look for joining our project with not only visual artists who live and work in Belarus but also with those who are abroad. It is a known fact that a lot of talented and energetic artists have left Belarus in order to broaden the horizons of creativity. So in order to compose a coherent whole of Belarusian art we should act together.

And that’s not where the “consolidation” element ends. There are a lot of outstanding artists who were born in Belarus or their creative work was connected with our country. But due to the difficult historic path of Belarus to its independence from the Russian Empire at first and then from Soviet regimen, a lot of world-renowned artists are not associated with Belarus nowadays. Among them for instance are Marc Chagall, Chaim Soutine, Mark Rothko, El Lissitzky, Léon Bakst, Ferdynand Ruszczyc. All were born in Belarus. Kasimir Malevich for example worked and taught in Vitebsk. We made it our major goal to restore the role of Belarusian fine art in European and global cultural context.

  • Representing different Belarusian artists, both already well-known and young emerging artists. Also we don’t confine ourselves to any particular style or genre. Our goal is to encompass all range of Belarusian fine art.
  • Organization of various exhibitions, expositions, shows, charity auctions, fairs and festivals of visual arts and all sorts of cultural events and activities.
  • Keeping connected with different international foundations, galleries and art schools, accumulating various information about grants, programs for artists and offering participation in projects, programs, events that are going on all over the world to Belarusian artists.
  • Working in cooperation with mass media, brick and mortar galleries to expand the promotion of Belarusian fine arts in different directions.

Through the works of Belarusian artists we strive to show the beauty of Belarus and bring its appeal to the entire world. There are no political goals Bella Belarus pursues as well as no political preferences or ideas inhere in Bella Belarus’ activities.

We are open to any ways of cooperation, are eager to listen to your advice, to consider your opinion and to take into account your observations. You may always send offers and suggestions or leave feedback using Contact us page.

Please, note that guidelines when buying an artwork can be found on Order and buy an artwork page.

At the moment all news, information, articles and researches on different aspects of Belarusian visual art life are published on News and Events page.