Sergey Davidovich

He’s been working twenty four hours a day since he turned 9 and discovered painting. Sergey is an expression of bright talent and modesty, exalted spirit and honest work. All that is in state of endless opposition, unsteady balance of constant anxiety - and combined in one is a vivid characteristic of any true artist. His eternal source of inspiration is his neo-romantic perception of the world.

Sergey Davidovich was born in 1959 in a town of Krychev of Belarus. He graduated from Belarusian Academy of Arts in 1987 and has been a participant of more than 100 art exhibitions since 1985. Sergey is a member of Belarusian Artists Union, Member of Moscow Public Association of Artists “the Solar Square” and the International Guild of Painters.

Since 1995 the artist participated in five festivals organized by Moscow Public Association of Artists “the Solar Square” and subsequently in all the exhibitions within those festivals in Moscow and all over Russia and Belarus.

Sergey Davidovich participated in various group exhibitions in Katowice (Poland, 1992), Lisbon (Portugal, 1998), international art exhibition "Art-Arena" in Moscow (1996), Eastern Neighbours (Utrecht, Holland) in 2007, “Post-Tradition” in Minsk (Belarus) in 2007, Grafik Museum Stiftung Schreiner (Bad Steben, Germany), gallery “ Kartina” (Holland) in 2007. His paintings were shown at the republican art exhibitions of Belarusian fine arts in Moscow in 2002. His personal exhibitions were held at the Central House of Artists in Moscow in 2003 and at the gallery “Art” in Minsk in 2004.

Sergey’s works are in the Museum of Catholic Art in Katowice (Poland), the town halls of Selestat and Benfeld (France), various museums in Russia and Belarus, and also in a number of private collections all over the world.

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