Leonid Khobotov

“I do not seek to achieve absolute abstraction in my works – I would not want to lose touch with reality. For me reality is my nutrient medium. I see my task differently – I seek to discover the state of absolute relationship between myself and the nature. That discovery would refine my perception and give me the freedom of expression. I feel constant desire to define some “thin layers” of this world…”

Leonid Khobotov is one of the brightest representatives of neo-conformism in Belarusian art. He is in perpetual pursuit of finding his own path in painting. His works are the culmination of staying uncompromising and independent from the conjuncture and anything preventing free self-expression in art. They are the expression of courage and clear unwillingness to never stop at what has been accomplished. They are the ability to see beyond the outer shell. His works are the representation of unpredictability multiplied by refined masterful intuition of the artist. Leonid makes his own unique path in art. With his detached look of an observer he detects those feelings presented by a real life – and also listens to his inner voice and trusts his intuition. As a result he creates the canvases that give the audience a joyous feeling of novelty.

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“Leonid Khobotov is an architect of natural essence” says Alexander Morozov, the deputy director of The State Tretyakov Gallery (Moscow, Russia). “He uses color arrays thick as gigantic boulders and those antediluvian roughly cut poles – all capable of bearing a pediment of an old temple. Or he simply “moves” the earth hills from one place to another – therefore creating an enormous sculpture of a lying woman, a music canvas akin to Bach’s “Fugue in Red”, a saga of creation, birth, waiting for descent of a spirit into the megalith of matter…“.

Leonid Khobotov was born in Rechitsa, Belarus in 1950
1962-1969 studied at the State Art School
1975-1981 studied at the Belarusian Institute of Theatre and Art (now the Belorussian Academy of Arts) at the department of mural painting (under the supervision of Professor G. Vashtshenko)
1985 joined the Artists' Union of the USSR
1986 joined the association "Nemiga-17"
1986-1999 head of the association "Nemiga-17"

Personal Exhibitions:
1991 Inge Malltus Art Gallery. Sabadell, Spain
1995 The National Art Museum of Belarus. Minsk, Belarus
1996 The Centre for Culture "Alliance Francaise". Sabadell, Spain
1996 Marianna Schosser Art Gallery, Austria

Group Exhibitions:
1988 The International Plein-Air. Uzhgorod, the Ukraine
1989 The International exhibition-contest at the Central Artists' House. Moscow, Russia
1989 All-Union Plein-Air of painting. Frunze, Kirghizia
1990 Participation at the international auction. Gdansk, Poland
1991 “Casal Pere Guart” Art Gallery. Sabadell, Spain
1991 The exhibition of Belarusian art. Innsbruck, Austria
1994 The First International Chagall Plein-Air. Vitebsk, Belarus
1994 The exhibition of Belarusian art in Kunstlerhaus. Bonn, Germany
1995,1996,1997 Kovalenko Art Gallery. Eindhoven, Holland
1995 "Espace Albertine" Art Gallery. Brussels, Belgium
1996 The exhibition of Belarusian art at the Central Exhibition Hall. Vilnius, Lithuania
1997 The exhibition of the participants of the First International Chagall Plein-Air at the "Zhilbel" Gallery. Minsk, Belarus
1997 The "Nu" exhibition at the "Zhilbel" Gallery. Minsk, Belarus
1998 The exhibition at Commerzbank. Hamburg, Germany
1999 "Zhilbel" Art Gallery. Minsk, Belarus
2000 "The Pendulum of Time" at the Museum of Modern Art. Minsk, Belarus
2000 International Art Salon at the Central Artists' House. Moscow, Russia
2002 "Contemporary Artists of Belarus" at the Museum of Modern Art. Minsk, Belarus
2002 "Espace Cardin" Art Gallery. Paris, France
2002 The State Tretyakov Gallery. Moscow, Russia
2005 51st International exposition La Biennale di Venezia. Venice, Italy
2007 “Post-Tradition”. Minsk, Belarus

Leonid Khobotov’s works are at the National Museum of Art of Belarus, the Ministry of Culture of Republic of Belarus and Russian Federation, the funds of Belarusian Artists Union, the Museum of Modern Art (Sabadell, Spain) and numerous private collections in Belarus, Russia, France, Spain, Canada, Israel, Germany and the USA.


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