Anatoly Kuznetsov

Anatoly Kuznetsov is a brilliant and prominent artist of our time who in the latest decade devoted himself to the “non-figurative” painting. He is a “phenomena of art deserving careful examination; somebody who’s discovered a new page in the art of painting and is different from any of his predecessors and contemporaries”.

“I am a contemplator and not conceptual by nature…My creation is purely intuitive. When I come up to a blank canvas I have no idea what’s going to be on it. The images are born during improvisation”.

Anatoly draws his inspiration from the outer space. And those are not only some visual and sound impressions but also his sense of touch and smell: the scent of damp soil, freshly mowed grass, freshness of a spring forest or sultriness of Egypt desert – all those sensations, which are impossible to express he transforms into the plastic images of his works.

Anatoly Kuznetsov’s paintings are impulsive and intuitive. The rhythm of movements of those colorful spots and lines, textured patterns, complex and enchanting color and light interactions form a surprising harmony of the master’s new world.

The artist’s originality is expressed in not only in his unique coloring, full of nuances intricate texture and individual painting technique but also in variety of subjects depicted in his paintings. That demonstrates the inexhaustible imagination of the artist. His paintings are “the myths about the creation of the world, its existence, collapse and rebirth. They narrate about the history of the nativity of the elements and their interactions, about the formation of shapes and the dynamics of space…”

(Currently a book “About Anatoly Kuznetsov’s Painting” is about to be published. The book is written by a famous art critic Professor L. Mironova who is quoted in this text)


Anatoly Kuznetsov was born in Ust Kamchatsk, Russia in 1947.
1969 Graduated from the National Art Studio. Bryansk, Russia
1976 Graduated from the Belarusian Institute of Theater and Art (now the Belarusian Academy of Arts).
1976-1980 taught at the Belarusian Polytechnic Academy
1979 Founded the group “BUKUB”
1986 Joined the association “Nemiga-17”
1994-1997 Created the “Color Spaces” series of paintings
1998-2002 Created the “Vibrations of Light” series of pictures
2003 - 2006 .. Created “Return to Egypt” series of pictures
2003 Became a member of New European Cultural Parliament

Personal Exhibitions:
1984 The Picture Gallery. Polatsk, Belarus
1986 “Chamber Painting” exhibition, the Exhibition Hall. Novapolatsk, Belarus; the State Art Gallery. Minsk, Belarus
2000 “Archaics” exhibition, the Museum of Modern Art. Minsk, Belarus
2002 “White Suite” exhibition, ”Planet of People” Gallery of French Embassy. Minsk, Belarus
2004 “Egyptian Diary” exhibition, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus. Minsk, Belarus
2006 “GlasOst”. Vienna, Austria
2007 “Colorful Spaces”, the “Galereya U Yara” art gallery, Moscow State Exhibition Hall ”Novyj Manezh”. Moscow, Russia

Group Exhibitions:
1978 All-Union exhibition of young artists at the Republican Art Gallery. Minsk, Belarus
1979 The exhibition of the “BUKUB” association of Belarus. Grodno, Belarus
1982 “On the Stands of Youth”, the editor’s office of the “Yunost” magazine. Moscow, Russia
1983 The Republican exhibition. Minsk, Belarus
1985 The exhibition of young artists at the Republican Art Gallery. Minsk, Belarus
1986 “Artists in the Struggle for Peace”, International exhibition-contest of easel painting at the Central Artists’ House. Moscow, Russia (awarded the second prize)
1986 “10 years of BUKUB”, the “October” cinema hall. Minsk, Belarus
1986 The exhibition in the Consulate of Belarus. Krakow, Poland
1994 The First Chagall Plain-air. Vitebsk, Belarus
1995-1997 The exhibitions of Belarusian artists at the Belarusian Embassy. Brussels, Belgium
The Exhibition of the association “Sun Square”, Espace Albertine Gallery. Brussels, Belgium
The Exhibition of the association “Sun Square -7”, the Central Artists’ House. Moscow, Russia
The International Exhibition “Autumn Meetings”, the Espace Albertine Gallery. Brussels, Belgium
The International Plain-air. Pentrukov Trubunalsky, Poland
“The Pendium of Time”, the Museum of Modern Art. Minsk, Belarus
2001The international exhibition at the Cultural Center in Luxemburg.
2002 The exhibition of Belarusian Artists, the “Espace Cardin” Gallery. Paris, France
2002 The Exhibition of the association “Nemiga – 17”, the State Tretyakov Gallery. Moscow, Russia
2003 The International Exhibition “Art of Nations”, the Central Artists’ House. Moscow, Russia.
2003 The 9th Cairo International Biennale. Cairo, Egypt
2004 “Modern Art of Belarus” exhibition, Palace of Nationalities. Geneva, Switzerland
2005 “The Beginning” conceptual project, the Museum of Modern Art. Minsk, Belarus
2006 “Fall 2006” exhibition by an International Artists Association, the Central Artists’ House. Moscow, Russia
2007 “Two Generations” international exhibition, the Central Artists’ House. Moscow, Russia
2007 “15 Years of Artists Union Confederation” Second International Art Salon, the Central Artists’ House. Moscow, Russia
2007 “The Master and his Apprentices”, the Moscow Scientists’ House of the Russian Academy of Science. Moscow, Russia
2007 “Anatoly Kuznetsov and his Apprentices”, the Central Artists’ House. Moscow, Russia

Anatoly Kuznetsov’s works are at the National Art Museum of Belarus, the collection of Belarusian Union of Artists, the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Belarus, the State Tretyakov Gallery (Moscow, Russia) the Zimmerli Art Museum (New Jersey, USA), the Museum of Marc Chagall (Vitebsk, Belarus), the Directorate of the Exhibitions of the Ministry of Culture of Russia (Moscow, Russia), the Art Museum of Yekaterinburg (Yekaterinburg, Russia), The Picture Gallery (Sochi, Russia), the “Arsenal” Museum (Riga, Latvia); as well as in private collections in Finland, Norway, Germany, France, Italy, Holland, Taiwan, Japan, Israel, the USA, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, the Ukraine, Russia and Belarus.


Anatoly Kuznetsov in the State Tretyakov Gallery catalogue (in Russian/English), pdf (464KB)

"Mastatstva" ("Art") magazine #3, 2007. An interview with Anatoly Kuznetsov (in Belarusian), pdf (1,6MB) 

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