Anna Silivonchik

Anna’s style is very distinctive and she’s definitely off the beaten path in creating her images and meanings of her own sacral space. The artist addresses the archaic cultural layers and at the same time manifests her bonds with visual art of the 20th century. You can notice that the source of her aesthetic benchmarks can be traced back to Marc Chagall’s fantastic realism, to naïve art of the beginning of the 20th century and to local Belarusian folklore and decorative arts.

A variety of different characters – children, half-men half-animals or half-birds, or even half-angels, loving couples, lions, unicorns, sirens, dragons – they all inhabit the original and unreal world of Anna’s works. And this world of fairy tales embraced the legends of different nations. It is child’s fantasies and dreams came to life. It reflects either on simple and everlasting human feelings – love, happiness, joy, birth of new life, or on the laws of nature – march of day and light, alternation of seasons, matters of life and death. It talks about human interrelationships, sense of home and family, meaning of life and principles of the universe. And the most important thing for the artist is the wholeness of the world and inviolable underlying connection between all these elements.

Uncommon and diverse combination of images and meanings, which is alloyed by the artist in every piece of her work, almost always is filled with a good portion of keen sense of humor. And at the output a viewer receives a powerful emotional charge and is enchanted by a great deal of unexpected associations and by metaphorical plenitude of her artworks.

It’s always essential how an artist perceives her own creative work. So we asked Anna this question. “As for me, creative process is like playing  a wizard, it’s thrilling – when at my will and whim I can create new worlds and realities. This process is exceptionally pleasing and airy. There are no traces of ‘throes of composition’ – vice versa, it feels akin to flight! As a rule I don’t make sketches. That’s why sometimes I don’t know where my imagination will bring me next time, what images and heroes will appear on my next canvas. And every new painting or graphic work is just a new fascinating journey to mysterious lands, where fantastic miracles and astonishing discoveries are awaiting for the explorer”.

Anna Silivonchik

Anna Silivonchik was born in 1980 in Homel, Belarus
1999 - graduated from the Belarusian College of Arts. Minsk, Belarus
2007 - graduated from the Belarusian Art Academy. Department of Painting. Minsk, Belarus

Personal exhibitions:
1999 Art Show. Füssen, Germany
2001 Exposition hall of Homel University named after F. Skaryna. Homel, Belarus
2001, 2004 Exposition hall of Local History Museum. Rechitsa, Belarus
2005 Gallery Tizengauz. Grodno, Belarus
2007 ‘Mastatstva’ (‘Art’) Gallery. Minsk, Belarus
2007 Exhibition of graphic works ‘Just for Fun’, ‘Podzemka’ Gallery. Minsk, Belarus
2008 ‘University of Culture’ Gallery. Minsk, Belarus
2008 The Museum of Contemporary Art. Minsk, Belarus

Anna Silivonchik. The 4th Biennale of Contemporary Art. Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Group exhibitions:
2002, 2005 The International Art Exhibition ‘ART-Session’, the Culture center. Vitebsk, Belarus
2003, 2005 The Republican Art Exhibition dedicated to the International Women's Day, the State Art Gallery ‘The Palace of Art’. Minsk, Belarus
2004 ‘The Journey’ Republican Art Exhibition, the State Art Gallery ‘The Palace of Art’. Minsk, Belarus
2005 Art Exhibition of Emerging Artists, Art gallery ‘Vilnius’. Minsk, Belarus
2005 ‘The City I Live in’ Art Exhibition, ‘University of Culture’ Gallery. Minsk, Belarus
2005 ‘Conception’ Gallery. Minsk, Belarus
2006 Art Show ‘Look’, ‘Mansard of Artist’ Gallery. St. Petersburg. Russia
2006 ‘Christmas Holidays’ Art Exhibition. ‘BelArt’ Gallery. Brest, Belarus
2007 International Exhibition of Contemporary Art ‘Eastern Neighbors’. Utrecht, Holland
2007 The 4th Biennale of Contemporary Art. Tashkent, Uzbekistan
2008 The International Moscow Art Salon ‘the Central House of Artists – 2008’. Moscow. Russia

Artworks by Anna Silivonchik are in the Museum of Contemporary Art (Minsk, Belarus) and in many private collections in the UK, France, Germany, Holland, Poland and Belarus.

Anna Silivonchik. The International Moscow Art Salon ‘the Central House of Artists - 2008’. Moscow. Russia

Anna Silivonchik

Anna Silivonchik. Gallery Tizengauz. Grodno, Belarus

Anna Silivonchik