Works by Anna Silivonchik are on view in our gallery

Among Belarusian emerging artists Anna Silivonchik is a painter of marked individuality. Working in a traditional oil on canvas technique Anna strives for diversity as she experiments with various figurative tools. She makes use of the texture and pattern of the canvas, which she specially selects for every work of art. Anna creates unique and expressive poetic language, where the domination of bright and clear 'sounds-colors' is prominent. Her fine feeling for color and precision of lines helps the artist to accentuate a certain mood she wants to depict.

Anna Silivonchik. The Brightest DayAnna Silivonchik. About a Lion and a Bird
          The Brightest Day. Oil on Canvas (2007)                     About a Lion and a Bird.
                                                                                           Paper, mixed media (2007)
The main feature of her works is constant improvisation. A single thought, an idea begins to reveal itself and being embodied in an image, comes to life directly on a canvas thus giving birth to new images. And there are plenty of ideas and images that eventually give rise to series of works where even the most unachievable dreams become a reality and simple and trivial things gain their symbolic meaning. This is an infinite story about relationships between a man and a world, about harmony and zest for life.

In our gallery you can find not only Anna's canvases - we also present her series of graphic works combined with paper applique. They are absolutely amazing in their originality. Every piece of work is supplied with verses that exist as an integral part of the composition and act as the representation of the entire subject of the artwork.

You can see the works of Anna Silivonchik and get more information about the artist by clicking here.

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