Oleg Murashko

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Oleg Murashko was born in Cherikov, Belarus in 1953. In 1976 he graduated from the Belarusian Academy of Arts. Since 1992 he teaches at the Minsk Art College.

Oleg Murashko is a representative of op-art. His artistic vision is close to Bridget Riley, Victor Vasarely, Josef Albers. The artist is fascinated by the effects of pure colors combinations. His works are multicolor compositions, each color having several shades. The primary intention of the artist is to affect the sensitivity of the human eye - after looking at his works attentively, you can see the colors flickering and pulsating.

Oleg Murashko explains his artistic philosophy in the following way: “The colors, as well as sounds and smells, can easily cheer us up. Some of them are soft and calming; the others are stimulating and inspiring. The light influences the quality of color. That’s why color shades have different effects depending on time of a day. Like tunes, flickering colors affect our mood. They excite and attract us; we can experience them again and again not being overwhelmed. In the morning and in the evening they calm us down while in the afternoon they make us active and happy”.

The beauty of Oleg Murashko’s paintings unfolds after a close and long look - gradually and intriguingly.