Leonid Khobotov / Леонид Хоботов

Leonid Khobotov

Leonid Khobotov is one of the brightest representatives of neo-conformism in Belarusian art. He is in perpetual pursuit of finding his own path in painting. His works are the culmination of staying uncompromising and independent from the conjuncture and anything preventing free self-expression in art. They are the ability to see beyond the outer shell. His works are the representation of unpredictability multiplied by refined masterful intuition of the artist. Leonid makes his own unique path in art. With his detached look of an observer he detects those feelings presented by a real life – and also listens to his inner voice and trusts his intuition. As a result he creates the canvases that give the audience a joyous feeling of novelty.

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