Katerina Michnuk

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Katerina Michnuk’s art is all about emotions and feelings. It does not know any boundaries, it`s free flowing and limitless. The artist enjoys discovering new materials and painting techniques. Katerina just transmits parts of her inner world by the means of bright and expressive color schemes. She loves to examine how colors and various geometrical forms influence the emotional state of mind.

Katerina Michnuk was born in town of Bereza, Belarus. She lives and works in Minsk, Belarus.

2003-2008 – Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radio-electronics
2010/2011 – Rishard May ‘s art studio, Minsk, Belarus

Group Exhibitions:
2010 – International festival of experimental arts Dach XI “Mageia Cerebrum”, Minsk, Belarus
2011 – "Design week Minsk", Minsk, Belarus
2011 - "Show Europe – Show Belarus", Tallinn, Estonia

2011 – The first open East Europe competition of choreographic, theatrical, musical and fine arts "The Romantic Expression", awarded with the 1st place Diploma, Ostrowiec, Belarus

Her works are in private collections in Belarus, Russia and the USA.