Ruslan Vashkevich / Руслан Вашкевич

Ruslan Vashkevich

Ruslan Vashkevich is one of the brightest and indeed the most original contemporary Belarusian artists - always startling, shocking, eccentric and intelligent. As an artist Ruslan is entertaining, provocative and bold. The immanent feature of his art is a feeling of topicality, and consequently here we observe closeness of creative mood and artist’s position to the radical trends of contemporary art. Ruslan Vashkevich’s system of visions is amazingly complex and everything is subordinated to it, because “the plasticity of thought” is the main thing for the artist. Hence this strangely anemic, advertising and unremarkable manner of painting, often borrowed from the world of mass culture that imparts almost documentary persuasiveness to these odd images.

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