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Interviews with Alexander Rodin about his major paintings

In a series of short interviews Alexander Rodin, famous contemporary artist from Minsk, Belarus, talks about his paintings "Destiny" and "Inspiration".

Solo exposition "Metabolism of Art Space" by Sergey Kiriuschenko

Sergey KiriuschenkoSolo exposition “Metabolism of Art Space” by Sergey Kiriuschenko was opened on the 7th of June, 2012 at the Palace of Arts in Minsk, Belarus to the raving reviews by the critics and audience.

Simon de Pury chooses Ruslan Vashkevich as one of his favorite artists

Ruslan Vashkevich. "Madame Bonjour", 2011, 80x80cm oil on canvasSimon de Pury selects Ruslan Vashkevich and his painting "Madame Bonjour" for the Eurovision  contest, describing Ruslan's art as strikingly irreverent, humorous and sensual.

Solo exhibition by Andrei Buryak: "Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde"

"Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde" by Andrei BuryakSolo exhibition "Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde" by Andrei Buryak opened at "Akademiya" art gallery this month in Minsk, Belarus.

Art Exhibition "New Collection 2011" by Anatoliy Kuznetsov, Sergey Kiriuschenko and other artists

Art Exhibition "New Collection 2011" by Anatoliy Kuznetsov, Sergey Kiriuschenko and other artistsArt Exhibition "New Collection 2011" by Anatoliy Kuznetsov, Sergey Kiriuschenko and other artists at the Belarusian Museum of Contemporary Art

Solo exhibition of Ruslan Vashkevich in the National Art Museum

Ruslan Vashkevich, "Museum"Solo exhibition of Ruslan Vashkevich opened in the National Art Museum in Minsk, Belarus and will be on display through October 10, 2011. The project is named "Museum".

Art exhibition "Dialogue with Nature" in Berlin

Dialogue with NatureThe paintings by Maja Poljak, Natalia Biletnikova and Katerina Michnuk are to be a part of an art exhibition “Dialogue with Nature” in Berlin.

ARTVILNIUS11: Belarusian Gallery Named Best Foreign Participant

ARTVILNIUS11: Belarusian Gallery Named Best Foreign ParticipantBelarusian “Y” gallery from Minsk was awarded Best Foreign Participant at ARTVILNIUS11. The winning project "She cannot say HEAVEN" was created by a group of eleven Belarusian artists.

"Opening the Door? Belarusian Art Today" in Warsaw


Opening the Door? Belarusian Art TodayOpening the Door? Belarusian Art Today is the exposition on show at Zachęta Gallery in Warsaw, that presents both artists living and working in Belarus as well as those residing abroad.


Natalia Berschin. Exhibition "Wasteland" in Berlin

Natalia Berschin’s Exhibition Natalia Berschin’s solo exhibition "Wasteland" opens on March 12, 2011 at Factory-Art gallery in Berlin. All of the showcased artworks are interlinked by one theme - the disaster occurred at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in 1986.

Sergey Kiryuschenko. Sneak-peek into the artist's studio

Sergey Kiryuschenko. GridsSergey Kiryuschenko completed his work on the latest series of artworks "Grids". The artist lets a couple of sneak-peeks from his studio in Minsk, Belarus.

Ruslan Vashkevich introduced 'Hunting for the Minotaur' project in Kyiv

Ruslan Vashkevich, Hunting for the MinotaurOne of Ruslan Vashkevich’s new projects - “Hunting for the Minotaur” was presented during the annual international contemporary art fair “ART-KYIV contemporary” last November.

Ruslan Vashkevich. Richter Scale

Ruslan Vashkevich. Richter ScaleNew project by Ruslan Vashkevich 'Richter Scale' (the artist’s quest for a solid strategy in this shaky world)

Ruslan Vashkevich, Sergei Kiryuschenko, Alexei Ivanov, Alexander Nekrashevich examine German poetry

˲ÒÄRA - Visual Examination of PoetryA number of Belarusian painters and visual artists examine and interpret contemporary German poetry. The art show opened n Minsk in Goethe-Institut in Belarus on September 8.

Sergey Kiryuschenko presented his new series in Dusseldorf

Sergey Kiryuschenko, Grids Sergey Kiryuschenko, an iconic Belarusian abstractionist  has started his new series and already revealed a couple of works last month.

Art Festival Dach 10 at Kunsthaus Tacheles in Berlin

Dach 10The 10th Belarusian-German art festival Dach 10 opened on May 15, 2010 at Kunsthaus Tacheles (Berlin, Germany). Alexander Rodin and Zmitser Yurkevich are the curators of this event.

Artist Igor Rimashevski to decorate Belarusian Pavilion at Expo 2010 Shanghai, China

 Igor Rimashevsky, Belarusian Pavilion, Expo 2010 ShanghaiThe Belarusian Pavilion at Shanghai Expo 2010 was decorated by Igor Rimashevski, a well-known Belarusian artist.

Exhibition of paintings by Natalya Zaloznaya in Belarus

Natalya ZaloznayaAn exhibition of paintings "Free Flight" by Natalya Zaloznaya, a renowned contemporary Belarusian artist who lives and works in Belgium, opened at the Museum of Modern Art in Minsk. This is the artist’s first exhibition at her home country for over 10 years.

Solo exhibition of works by Anna Silivonchik is on show

Anna Silivonchik exhibition “In a Mood for Love”
A solo exhibition of Anna Silivonchik’s works opens at the Gallery of the Belarusian State Academy of Arts. The show is called "In a Mood for Love" and includes oil paintings, mixed media and art objects. The latter are made using various reflecting surfaces.

Katsiaryna Sumarava is to take part in "Women and Art 2010" art show in UAE

the 4th Biennial International Art Exhibition ‘Women and Art 2010 - A Global Perspective’ at Sharjah, the United Arab Emirates.Belarusian artist Katsiaryna Sumarava is participating in the 4th Biennial International Art Exhibition ‘Women and Art 2010 - A Global Perspective’ at Sharjah, the United Arab Emirates.

Vasily Sumarev. The Master and His Pupils

Vasily SumarevThe exhibition named "Vasily Sumarev. The Master and His Pupils" has opened today in the Belarusian National Art Museum. The works by this renowned Belarusian artist side by side with his contemporary followers' art are on display.

Paintings by Yehuda Pen on show in Minsk

Yehuda Pen / Èåãóäà ÏýíAn exhibition of 33 paintings by Yehuda Pen are on display in the National Historic Museum of Belarus in Minsk. They all have come from the repository of Vitebsk Art Museum and haven’t been available for a public view for more than 50 years.

Collection edition of etchings by Marc Chagall presented in Vitebsk and Minsk, Belarus

Marc Chagall’s etchingsA printed edition of a complete collection of etchings made by Marc Chagall for a famous novel “Dead Souls” by Nikolai Gogol was presented in Minsk and Vitebsk in October.

New art gallery opened downtown Minsk

The gallery of contemporary art, named "Y"“¡” gallery, was opened on the 7th of October downtown Minsk. It’s an ambitious project, which fuses together an exhibition space, book store, café and a library for its visitors.

Art festival "DACH-9" starts off in Minsk, Belarus

Art festival "DACH-9"The opening of the International Art Festival “Dach-9” took place at the Palace of Art in Minsk. The organizers, curators and authors of its conception are Belarusian artists Alexander Rodin and Zmitser Yurkevich (Mitrich). The pivotal event of the festival is their art project “Victims of Art”.

Sergei Kiryuschenko's project "It's High Time to Get Down to Down-to-Earth Art"

Sergei Kiryuschenko's project "It's High Time to Get Down to Down-to-Earth Art"The latest conceptual progect of famous Belarusian artist Sergei Kiryuschenko named "It's High Time to Get Down to Down-to-Earth Art" is based on synergy of photography, serigraphy, painting and real-life objects.

Belarusian Pavilion at 53d Venice Biennale ... in Minsk

Belarusian Pavilion at 53d Venice Biennale“Belarusian Pavilion at 53d Venice Biennale” is a unique art project and exhibition of contemporary Belarusian art opened on June 3 in Minsk. Paintings, photos, sculptures, installations by thirty artists are put together in the exposition.

US Embassy Marks Earth Day with Youth Arts Competition

Earth Day, the US Embassy in Minsk, painting and sculpture contest In honor of Earth Day, the US Embassy in Minsk, Belarus organized a painting and sculpture contest in which more than 80 young Belarusian artists and sculptors took part, submitting over 100 artistic works.

Alexander Rodin. Perfectionism or a “Dynamic Equilibrium” of the “Meliorative Ecstasy”

Alexander RodinFor world-renowned contemporary Belarusian artist Alexander Rodin his life and creative work are indivisible. His paintings can be enjoyed over and over again, and any time you look at then, new submarines, continents or planets pop up...[read new article]

Katsiaryna Sumarava. "Subjective landscape"

The exhibition of  artworks by Katsiaryna Sumarava “Subjective Landscape” will be on display at the Museum of contemporary art in Minsk, Belarus from April, 14 through April, 26.

The art exhibition “Grapheme” – with a twist …

A number of artworks from the recently opened in Minsk art exhibition “Grapheme” were banned and were dismounted and replaced with different ones after having been on display for a week.

The art exhibition “Grapheme” is on show at Janka Kupala Museum in Minsk

The art exhibition “Grapheme”The art exhibition “Grapheme” is opened at Janka Kupala Museum in Minsk through April 5, 2009. It conceptually unites works of key Belarusian contemporary artists, which in one way or another communicate textual information.

Belarusian straw weaving: traditions and contemporary art

It is hard not to notice the phenomenon of Belarusian straw weaving. There are few places where objects and figures made of straw are created on such a high artistic level. The secret of its success and distinction is in long traditions, extraordinary craftsmanship and even in the fact that Belarusian straw has different qualities due to specific climatic conditions.

Director of the Musee du Louvre to visit Belarus this summer

Director of the Musee du Louvre Henri Loyrette is planning to visit Belarus this summer.

Tatiana Grinevich’s solo exhibition at 'Souz Tvorchestvo' gallery

Tatiana GrinevichIn November 2008 a solo exhibition of Tatiana Grinevich was held at “Souz Tvorchestvo” art gallery in Moscow. The project is named “Hand Made” since a specific conception embraces all displayed artworks.

Art of Andrei Buryak - a present-day example of harmony, traditions and creativity

Andrei BuryakEach artwork by Andrei Buryak is like a single piece of theatrical performance. One also might notice aesthetics of European filmmaking, surrealism and conceptualism. Drawing, coloring and unrestricted vision of composition – the core elements of artist’s craftsmanship.

New art and photo project "Rhymes" by Ruslan Vashkevich

Ruslan Vashkevich. Project "Rhymes"In his new art and photo project "Rhymes" Ruslan Vashkevich continues his dialogue with Art. The artist's own early and recent artworks have become the object of self-investigation and novel, this time photographic reincarnation.

Seven artists of Belarusian origin in top 500 Artists

Website visitors of the Saatchi Gallery are invited to vote for their favorite artists from the Top 500 list of artists of the 20th century. Among them seven artists of Belarusian origin - Chaim Soutine, Mark Rothko, Kasimir Malevich,El Lissitzky, Marc Chagall, Jacques Lipchitz and Léon Bakst.

Paintings by Ruslan Vashkevich - metamorphosis or bright game with classics

Ruslan VashkevichRuslan Vashkevich is considered to be a crown jewel of the contemporary Belarusian art  scene. He is not afraid of experiments, plays with images and reality without restraint, stimulates imagination, provokes the audience and invites it to discussions.

Kazimir Malevich's geometric 1916 "Suprematist Composition'' sold for $60 million at Sotheby's

Kazimir Malevich. Suprematist composition sold for $60 million at Sotheby's "Suprematist Composition'' (blue rectangle over purple beam) by Kazimir Malevich was sold for a record $60 million on the 3d of November 2008 at Sotheby's to a lone bidder.

The 3d International Festival of Landscape Art dedicated to Vital Tsvirka

The 3d International Festival of Landscape Art dedicated to Vital TsvirkaThe 3d International Festival of Landscape Art is being held in Minsk, Belarus. This festival is traditionally dedicated to Vital Tsvirka (1913 - 1993), an exceptional Belarusian artist and a master of landscape art. The sceneries of Belarus created by him are distinguished for their unrestricted and powerful plasticity.

Project "K-R-R" by emerging Belarusian artists Antonina Slobodchikova and Mikhail Gulin

Antonina Slobodchikova and Mikhail GulinThe project "K-R-R" by emerging Belarusian artists Antonina Slobodchikova and Mikhail Gulin is performed in genre of "total installation". It touches a burning issue of our time - the problem of total digitalization and virtualization, as well as aggressive intrusion of mass media "culture" to the sphere of interpersonal relationships.

International art exhibition "Together" in Minsk Palace of Arts

The international art exhibition "Together"The international art exhibition "Together" was opened on the 22th of October at the Palace of Arts in Minsk. The exhibition features more than 180 works by artists from Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Moldova and Romania.

Alexander Rodin and contemporary art

Belarusian artist Alexander Rodin is simultaneously a representative of neo-avant-garde and "ole good" painting school - narrative and figurative. But even in comparison with artists of similar background Alexander Rodin's works astonish by the immense volume of the laborious manual process...

120th anniversary of a remarkable Belarusian artist Yazep Drazdovich


Yazep DrazdovichThis year two art exhibitions dedicated to 120th anniversary of Belarusian artist Yazep Drazdovich opened up in Minsk. Yazep Drazdovich is one of the founders of Belarusian modern art and one of the initiators of the Cosmos topic in world art. He also was a prominent master of applied arts, a sculptor, a social anthropologist, a folklorist and a writer.


Vitebsk Art Center receives cultural preservation award from US Embassy

The US Embassy in Minsk, Belarus presented the Vitebsk Center of Contemporary Art with a $30,000 grant. It will partly cover the renovation of the building of an art school that fostered the talents of such renowned artists as Kazimir Malevich and Marc Chagall.

Alexander Rodin. Minsk-Berlin

The fact that you live either in Minsk or Berlin gives you more options to observe the conceptual art of Alexander Rodin, one of the most striking contemporary Belarusian artists . He's chosen German or Belarusian capital as his primary creative labs and display spaces. However, we try to bring the ambience of Alexander Rodin's art exhibitions closer to everyone. Here you can find the photos from his recent art shows.

Alexander Rodin: It’s not easy being an artist in Minsk

Alexander RodinAlexander Rodin is an icon of contemporary Belarusian art. You can examine his artworks for hours - the entire galaxies of details, images and motifs open up a new and mysterious world. Unfortunately his exhibitions have been held in Belarus very rarely. Here is an interview with Alexander Rodin where he explains why it’s so.

European graphic art to be widely presented in exhibition 'Art-line' in Minsk

The 1st Minsk International Exhibition of Graphic Art ‘Art-liniya’ (‘Art-line’) The 1st Minsk International Exhibition of Graphic Art ‘Art-liniya’ (‘Art-line’) was opened in the gallery of the National Library of Belarus. There are over 160 different graphic works of Belarusian, Austrian, Italian, German, Armenian, Serbian, Ukrainian, Russian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Polish and Estonian artists on display.

$72.8m Mark Rothko’s painting has gone to Qatar

Mark Rothko, White Center (Yellow, Pink and Lavender on Rose), 1950Qatar’s ruling Al-Thani family is the mystery buyer of Mark Rothko’s White Center (Yellow, Pink and Lavender on Rose), 1950, which sold at Sotheby’s New York on 15 May 2007 for $72.8m.

British Embassy announces an Art Competition

To mark this year's Queen's Birthday Party, the British Embassy in Belarus invites young Belarusians (25 or under) to create a work of art to represent relations between the United Kingdom and Belarus.

Heirs of Malevich to receive paintings from the Stedelijk Museum

Kazimir Malevich. Desk and RoomLongstanding dispute between the City of Amsterdam and the Heirs of Malevich concerning the Malevich collection that has been in the Stedelijk Museum since 1958 has been finally resolved.

Works by Anna Silivonchik are on view in our gallery


Anna SilivonchikAmong Belarusian emerging artists Anna Silivonchik is a painter of marked individuality. Working in a traditional oil on canvas technique Anna strives for diversity as she experiments with various figurative tools. She makes use of the texture and pattern of the canvas, which she specially selects for every work of art.


History of modern and contemporary art in Belarus


In this series of articles about the Belarusian history of fine arts we are going to explore the position of Belarusian art on a global cultural level and the connection between Belarusian artists of the present and rich cultural heritage left by their predecessors in the 20th century.



Vitebsk Art School: Marc Chagall and Yehuda Pen


The Vitebsk School (1897-1923): its birth and Golden age in days of Pen, Chagall and MalevichA book by a French historic Claire Le Foll The Vitebsk School (1897-1923): its birth and Golden age in days of Pen, Chagall and Malevich was presented by the author herself at the XV International Fair Books of Belarus – 2008


Katsiaryna Sumarava's artworks on show


Katsiaryna Sumarava. 'Venecian' (2005)Our online gallery presents an exhibition of paintings and graphics by Katsiaryna Sumarava. She is a prominent charmer of blue color. She’s the one who perfectly succeeded in creating a warm painting in cold colors. Very few artists managed to accomplish that. Her landscapes, still life and nude works are deep and bewitching. 


Chaim Soutine. Return home


Chaime Soutine

A permanent exhibition “Spaces of Chaim Soutine” was opened in a small Belarusian town of Smilavichy (Minsk region). After years of wandering Belarusian-born painter Chaim Soutine is back home - to the place where he was born in 1893 and spent all his childhood and early youth before he left for Paris, France in 1913


Magic of Black Square. 130th anniversary of Kasimir Malevich


Book Show. Kazimir Malevich. Magic of Black SquareA book show 'Magic of Black Square' dedicated to the 130th anniversary of Kasimir Malevich is featured through March 25, 2008 at the National Library of Belarus.


“Absent Belarusian Art”. February 16 - March 16, 2008


Absent Belarusian ArtAn art exhibition "Private Space" is held at the Museum of Nonconformist Art in Saint Petersburg, Russia where the paintings of such Belarusian artists as Alexander Rodin, Andrey Bondarev, Alexey Fyodorov, Zmiter Vishnev, a sculpture by Andrey Vorobyov and an installation by Sergey Zhdanovich are on display.


Belarusian artists participate in Unilever International Schools Art Project

For the first time Belarus takes part in the Unilever International Schools Art Project (UISAP) – a program, which allows aspiring artists to have their work displayed at London's Tate Modern gallery. 

Belarus on the World map


Belarus is located in Eastern Europe and is a country rich in cultural traditions. It has absorbed centuries-old Western European tendencies in fine art, though it used to be under suppression of Soviet regimen for seven decades. Here you can find some general geographic facts about Belarus and locate it on the map