Solo exhibition of works by Anna Silivonchik is on show

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A solo exhibition of Anna Silivonchik’s works opens on the 10th of February 2010 at the Gallery of the Belarusian State Academy of Arts. The show is called “In a Mood for Love” and includes oil paintings, mixed media and art objects. The latter are made using various reflecting surfaces.
Olga Naskova, an art critic, gives the following explanation to the conception of the upcoming exhibition.

Not love yet ... Something that should happen, but has not happened, and might not ever happen at all … Dream, desire, anticipation, mood …
Maybe it has already happened ... Sweet memories, hope to experience this once again...
The artist refers to the sphere of subjective and irracional attempting to plumb the depth of mystery of human relationships. What is affection, sympathy and love?.. What do we see and feel looking at the surrounding world and at the objects of our desires? From where do our preferences, aspirations and tastes come?..
Maybe they come from our striving to understand ourselves … We look for ourselves everywhere! 

That what the artist tries to say – we always seek for our reflections ...  We love our reflections in everything ... The entire history of our feelings is a non-stop search for what matches our habits, tastes, views, thoughts, emotions, desires ... and moods.
Reading a book we like to find the confirmation of our own thoughts; in music we are eager to see the reflection of our feelings; looking at a painting we try to get a figurative similarity with ourselves...
And, of course, we look for similar to us people (not even being aware of it) and we get incredibly excited having found unexpected and sometimes grotesque similarities, and fall in love … with our likes...

In a mood for love ... reflection of love … The sensual and intuitive way to study the world and oneself within its borders. The ability to perceive and reflect others’ feelings. The view on the world through oneself. The world within us. And we within others. Human relationships – an endless succession of inter-reflections.
The mirror here is an element of art that symbolizes the line between the external and internal world, between subjective and objective … between us and our reflection.
It looks like as if each glance, every gesture, movement or image fills the air with an aroma of very subtle erotic emotions, secret desires and pent-up passions.
Air is overcharged with feelings …
Succumb to mood of love …
Search for personal fulfillment. Trace your reflections …

Anna Silivonchik’s works will be on display at the Gallery of the Belarusian State Academy of Arts through February 24th.
It's cold. 50cm x 40cm, 2009, oil on canvas
Cocktail. 100cm x 100cm, 2008, oil on canvas

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