Katsiaryna Sumarava's artworks on show

Katsiaryna Sumarava. 'Venecian' (2005)Our online gallery presents an exhibition of paintings and graphics by Katsiaryna Sumarava. She is a prominent charmer of blue color. She’s the one who perfectly succeeded in creating a warm painting in cold colors. Very few artists managed to accomplish that. Her landscapes, still life and nude works are deep and bewitching. 

“As for me, a true landscape is the one based on sensitivity of perception. Such landscape is elusive like a mirage. It is a matter of a feeling but not of the material world… Probably someone might ask me – why have you painted the lake and water again, it feels like the same place over and over again? And this gives me something to think about – why indeed? But how to interpret a dream, which has been chasing me for a long time, at times recurring, someday continuing to develop,” thinks aloud the artist.

You can take a look at Katsiaryna Sumarava’s works and get more information about the artist by clicking here.

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