Alena Sharypa

Alena Sharypa has never been keen on formal experiments. “I am attracted to everything beautiful that can be expressed through painting – flowers and things, nature and architecture, people’s faces. My main objective is to recognize and to express the beauty of the surrounding world…” she says.

The first art lesson was given to Alena Sharypa by her father — Petr Sharypa, an accomplished Belarusian artist. He inspired that love for Belarusian architectural landscape in Alena in her early childhood. So it's no surprise that when graduating from the Belarusian Art Academy her diploma was dedicated to the architecture of the ancient town of Halshany - a wonderful and romantic place in Belarus.

In Alena’s every picture there are flowers or some architectural landscapes known for a long time; but also she shows us something that we don't always notice in our everyday life. She manages to combine the beauty of architecture and nature in her canvases. Quite often the architecture becomes a peculiar dominant determining the entire composition. But there are exceptions. Sometimes the architectural motive doesn't play such a significant role; it seems to unite with nature into a unique and powerful torrent.

At the moment Alena is doing some soul-searching in terms of her artistic expressions. She tests herself not only in architectural landscape but also in still-life painting and “pure” landscape. And in her works she doesn't aim to repeat some concrete features of things or flowers. Alena uses nature as a reason to reveal certain feelings that awake at the very moment of contemplation.

Alena Sharypa was born in Minsk in 1973
1991 Graduated from the State Art College
1997 Graduated from the Belarusian Art Academy
1999 Became a member of the Belarusian Artists Union
1999 Started teaching at the State Art College

1993-2002 Annual Exhibitions of the “Pagonya” Creative Association of the Belarusian Artists Union. Minsk, Belarus
1993 The exhibition dedicated to Y. Kupala’s and Y. Kolas’s 100th anniversary. Minsk, Belarus
1994 The exhibition of the “Pagonya” Creative Association. Stuttgart, Germany
1996 “The Romantic Landscape” personal exhibition, the “The Sixth Line” Gallery of Modern Art. minsk, Belarus
1997 “Ancient Halshany” exhibition (jointly with P. Sharypa), the branch of the National Museum of Art. Halshany, Belarus
2004 “ONIK” Art Gallery (jointly with P. Sharypa). Minsk, Belarus

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