Dmitry Zenkovich

In his clarity of the artistic thinking Dmitry Zenkovich yearns for creating “another world” in his canvases. That world is eccentric and at the same time is imbued with a sense of oneness and mystery. The subjects of his paintings seem to be closely connected to the artist’s childhood and youth, to his poetic experiences and emotions – but mainly his allegoric descriptions. The artistic images of Dmitry’s canvases are both phantasmagoric and rich with meanings and paradoxes. His paintings are like theatrical parables, full of fantasy with dramatic tensions expressed very sharply and fancifully.

Dialectics of interrelations of spiritual and material, struggle between those two beginnings in a human soul constitutes the leading idea of painter's artworks. Dmitry Zenkovich prefers closer light and observes his characters as if watching them from a window. And then he places them in distinctive stained-glass windows. He gives them the qualities of some utilitarian subjects or thinks up funny situations on the run. Different characters with different fates –but all of them coexist in a fantastically real space masterly outlined by the artist.

The peculiarity and eccentricity of the composition, the decorative and dramaturgic expression of colors perfectly fit the artist's intention to depict the sense of beauty of the world, which is amazing in its undisclosed mysteries. In this world any objects come to life and play roles given to them; all and everything can be joined and mated. The characters and objects become as if simultaneously involved into two semantic systems: one is life that doesn't depend on the being and the other is life that is refracted in the being, where everything seems to breathe with the sense of significance of the being.


Dmitry Zenkovich was born in 1965 in Minsk, Belarus.
1993 Graduated from the Belarusian Art Academy
1999 Became a member of the Belarusian Artists' Union

Selected Personal and Group Exhibitions
1997 "Nadine Graniet" Gallery. Albi, France
1998-1999 "Peter Breugel" Gallery. Amsterdam, Holland
1999 Annual Art-Salon, the Central Artists’ House. Moscow, Russia
1999 "Panorama of Fine Art", the State Art Gallery “The Palace of Art”. Minsk, Belarus
1999-2001 Cultural Association of the Tarn department. Tarn, France.
“T.Cone FineArt”, Miami, FL, USA.
Cultural Center “Pegasus”, Chicago, IL, USA.
“Anastasia” Gallery, Chicago, IL, USA.
“Zass Gallery”, Laguna Beach, CA, USA.
“Martin Labordet”, Carmel, CA, USA.
“European Art”, Denver, CO, USA.
2001 - Salon d'Autome 2001. France
2002 - ''R.Creation'' Gallery. Chicago, IL, USA
2003 Culture Centre. Nevers, France
2005 "Kunst aus Belarus - Bröckenschlag zwischen Ost und West", Flensburg, Germany
2005 Grafik Museum Stiftung Schreiner. Bad Steben, Germany
2007 "Kartina" Art Gallery. Gorinchem, Holland

Dmitry Zenkovich’s works are at the numerous private collections in the USA, Germany, France, Holland, Israel, Russia and Belarus.

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