Roman Sustov

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Roman Sustov was born in Minsk, Belarus in 1977.  He graduated from Minsk Art College in 1995 and from the Belarusian Academy of Arts in 2001. After his graduation Roman Sustov worked at the Academic Art Painting Studios of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Belarus. Nowadays the artist works in print graphics and book illustration, taking part in numerous international exhibitions and contests of print graphics.

Roman Sustov is one of the brightest Belarusian graphic artists. Graceful silhouettes, masterful and precise lines show the uniqueness of his creative work. The artist usually uses linocut and lithography techniques.  Roman also is renowned for his ex libris works.

Roman Sustov works closely with a number of Russian and Belarusian publishing houses. There are more than twenty books published with his illustrations. He is a frequent winner of the “An Artist and a Book” exhibition and has taken part in the “Art of Book” contest (Belarus) since 1999.

The main subject line of his graphics is fairy-tales and fantasy. Roman notes: “I love to read fairy-tales and actually I make them myself. But the most unique is to create images that enliven and animate words. It’s some kind of an artistic magic.”

His art can be found in private collections in the USA, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Ukraine, Japan, Russia and Belarus.

Selected exhibitions:
1998 -2005 Annual Exhibition “An Artist and A Book”, Minsk, Belarus
1998 Second International Exhibition “Ex libris”, Poland
1998 Art Contest “Time. Space. Personality”, Minsk, Belarus
1998, 2004 Exhibition “Drawing” , Minsk, Belarus
1998 Art Exhibition “Adam Mickiewicz in Art”, Minsk, Belarus
1999 Exhibition “Main Line” at Art Gallery “Dast&Diamond”, Amriswil, Switzerland
2000 Art Exhibition “Holocaust as Seen by Artists”, Minsk, Belarus
2000 Exhibition “New names”, Minsk, Belarus
2001 11th International «Osaka triennial bureau 2001»,  Osaka, Japan
2001 3d Graphics Exhibition “Windows of one town, Minsk, Polotsk, Mogilev, Grodno, Belarus
2002 Exhibition at Pierre Cardin Art Gallery, Paris, France
2003 Solo Show “The Sea of Silence” at “M” gallery, Minsk, Belarus
2003, 2005 4th and 5th Independent Exhibition of Calligraphy “LITART”, Minsk, Belarus
2003 Art Exhibition “Autumn”, Minsk, Belarus
2004 Solo Show “The Sea of Silence 2” at “M” gallery, Minsk, Belarus
2004 Exhibition “Ex libris”, Minsk, Belarus
2004, 2006 11th and 12th International Biennial Print & Drawing Exhibition. National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taiwan
2004 Solo Show “Evening Guest” at “Nordwalde” Gallery, Muenster, Germany
2005, 2007 22th and 23d International Exlibris Competition Sint Niklaas, Sint Niklaas, Belgium
2005 Exhibition “Behind the Wall of Dream”, Minsk, Belarus
2005 20th International Biennial Exhibition of Modern Exlibris, Malbork, Poland
2005 2d International Biennial Competition of Exlibris  “SOFIA'05”, Sofia, Bulgaria
2006 Exlibris Congress F.I.S.A.E, Nyon, Switzerland
2006 Exhibition of Graphic Art, Minsk, Belarus
2007 2d International Ex-libris Competition (Ankara, Turkey)
2008 1st International Exhibition of Graphics “ART-Line”, Minsk, Belarus
Roman Sustov
Roman Sustov
Roman Sustov 

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