Natalia Biletnikova

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Natalia Biletnikova’s art is all about the unity of man and nature. In her paintings the artist transmits her personal experience and feelings towards nature. She works in abstract expressionism, uses mixed technique. Bright and vibrant colors Natalia likes resemble those found in real life. Each of her artwork is awash with expression and philosophic approach.

Natalia says, “I create my works simply to spark a dialogue. What I do is merely raising questions. I think of myself as a part of nature”.

Natalia Biletnikova was born in 1985 in Soligorsk, Belarus. She graduated from the Belarussian State University of Computer Science and Radio Electronics in 2008. At the moment she pursues a Master degree in Fine Arts.
Solo exhibitions:
2010 - "Rendez-vous en France", Minsk, Belarus
Group exhibitions:
2010 - "Russian-Lithuanian Art Week", Vilnius, Lithuania. Awarded with the 3d place diploma
2010 - "Flights in dream and reality", Moscow, Russia
2010 - "Belarusian Art Week", Minsk, Belarus Awarded with the 2d place diploma.
2010 - "Kazakhstan Art Week ", Almaty, Kazakhstan. Awarded with the 1st place diploma
2010 - "Art week in Madrid", Madrid, Spain
2010 - Festival of Independent Contemporary Art and Music "Forward”, Minsk, Belarus
2010 – Art Competition “Artist’s Studio". Minsk, Belarus
2010 – Plane-Air, Pancevo, Belgrade, Serbia
2011 - "Art weeks in Berlin", Berlin, Germany
2011 - "Art Week in Bulgaria", Sofia, Bulgaria. Awarded with the 1st place diploma
2011 - "Design Week in Minsk", Minsk, Belarus
2011 – The first open East Europe competition of choreographic, theatrical, musical and fine arts "The Romantic Expression", awarded with the 2d place diploma, Ostrowiec, Belarus
Natalia ‘s works are in private collections in Belarus, Russia, the USA, the Czech Republic, Belgium, Germany, Serbia and Ukraine.
Natalia Biletnikova
Natalia Biletnikova