Julia Novikova

Julia Novikova places high emphasis on harmony between colors. The artist is interested in observation of how the same color behaves in different environments and contexts. She transforms colors into sounds, engages them in a dialogue with each other. As the result the work translates the feeling of a continued sonority of colors. This allows the artist to address the issues of light that fills the entire space. Also Julia works with surfaces, their fullness, depth and diversity - she tries to "inhabit" these surfaces, to translate their presence, and finally to change the surface into the environment filled with air. Though the air of her canvases is as dense and colorful as, for example, is a chair or a tree. The air is tangible.

Also the artist takes an interest in pauses, in the “interspace” so to say. They seem empty on the outside, but Julia looks for the gist of the matter. Overall, there would be nothing to fill in without the voids. That’s the way the artist achieves her balance and inner harmony.

Julia Novikova was born in Minsk in 1985.
In 2008 she graduated from the Belarusian Academy of Arts.

2005 – “The Beginning”, the Museum of Contemporary Art, Minsk, Belarus
2005 – “Advent Star”, ‘University of Culture’ Art Gallery, Minsk, Belarus
2010 – An annual Young Artists’ Art Show, ‘Palace of Art’ Art Gallery, Minsk, Belarus
2010 – “Oil Painting”, ‘Y’Art Gallery, Minsk, Belarus


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